Virtual Museum

Throughout the years and with the help of supporters and admirers of childhood culture, the Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature has been able to collect a great number of children’s toys, educational tools and cultural materials with the aim of establishing a museum of childhood culture. In 2010 and after a period of 10 years, efforts towards this aim were realized with preparations for the launch of a virtual museum that not only provided a linkage with communities interested in childhood culture but also stood as a an additional steo toward the establishment of an actual museum of childhood in Iran. To this end, full certificates have been provided for all existing documents and materials within the virtual museum, all of which are on display for public view. It is hoped that the value of these collections shall be understood. It is also hoped that those who believe in the need for better maintenance of such collections will join hands with us so that with our unity and in the very near future, a museum of childhood can be established in Iran.