The Wanton Swallow

TitleThe Wanton Swallow
Publication Typeکتاب
تاریخ تولد - وفات

1898- 1968

عنوان دیگر

Original title: [The swallow that was left behind]

ناشرAmirkabir, Golden books
مکان انتشارTehran
سال انتشار1970
تعداد صفحه11 p
اندازه14.5*21.3 cm

. By Enid Blyton, translated by Irandokht Ordibeheshti, illustration by Farnaz Farzad, under supervision of Fereydoon-e-Badreei

وضعیت رنگ

Illus, painting (color)


20 IRR

عنوان کوتاهRead & Sleep; 8
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A swallow does not migrate to the Tropics with other swallows during autumn; so the swallow stays behind and spends a hard winter. But next fall, the swallow flies to tropical zone beforehand of all other birds.