Nathan: Disciple of Jesus

TitleNathan: Disciple of Jesus
Publication Typeکتاب
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Original title: [Nathan, Boy of Capernaum

ناشرNoor –e- Jahan
مکان انتشارTehran
سال انتشارنوشته شده
تعداد صفحه128 p
اندازه17.7*21.5 cm

By Amy Morris Lillie; [Illustrator Neda Walker]

وضعیت رنگ

ILLUS, painting (B&W

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Nathan was standing amazed in a group of people surrounding Jesus and listening to him when Peter arrived and made him go home. Nathan was very upset. At that moment Jesus said: "Never part children from me." And after that he opened his arms and all the children sat around him. With move, Nathan becomes very fond of Jesus. Having heard all those things about him from people, Nathan was very eager to ask him to cure his brother. His dear brother cured by Jesus, Nathan and his family turned even more attracted to Jesus. Nathan became one of Jesus' disciples and received his instructions. After Jesus was crucified, Nathan decides to be one of his missionaries.