Little Jug Seller

TitleLittle Jug Seller
Publication Typeکتاب
عنوان دیگر

Original title: [PANCHITO VA AU MARCHE

مکان انتشارTehran
سال انتشارنوشته شده
تعداد صفحه(16) p
اندازه21.4*14.3 cm

Illustrator Annie Lefebure; Translator Nadereh Ghazvini

وضعیت رنگ

Illus, painting (col


20 R

عنوان کوتاهIllustrated color stories for Kids; 35
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Little Panchito manages to sell all his jugs in a short time and buys himself a straw hat. He puts his hat on and rides his donkey home. He fights with a poisonous snake which attacks him on his way. But he looses his donkey and the hat. The parrot who witnesses everything helps him find them.